We would like to welcome you to Christian Chapel Church of Christ here in Hatley, Mississippi. "Church of Christ" is a descriptive term, not a denominational title. It simply means we are a church belonging to Christ, committed to being Christ-centered, a fellowship that exists to glorify God, encourage spiritual growth and discipleship, and minister to our community. We are family surrounded by beautiful landscape and beautiful people, and we just want to impact each other and our community. 

As a family we want to become better at what Jesus said matters most – to love God and to love our neighbors. We strive to be a neighboring church and encourage our members to be good neighbors in their own communities; changing the world where they are. That's why our vision is LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS, and CHANGE THE WORLD! Matthew 22:37-40 & 28:19-20

We firmly believe we are to be God's instruments to make a difference in our community, sensitive to those seeking Christ for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. We want to be a place where people come, regardless of their past, and know they will be loved, finding the help they need to make God a priority again.